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Greetings! Searching for the #1 site to play Ruzzle? Good work, you’ve found it! We’ve compiled all the resources you need to play Ruzzle on your phone, compete against your opponents, and become a better Ruzzle player. See below for a list of places you can play ruzzle and enjoy playing the most addictive word game on the web.


Ruzzle for iPhone

If your looking to play Ruzzle on your iPhone then this is the place to do it. You can download the free app and play Ruzzle against your friends or random opponents all day long. But you’ve been warned, Ruzzle is an amazingly addictive word game.


Ruzzle for Android

Android devices are gaining popularity on the ever powerful iPhone. That means that there are many Android users who want to play Ruzzle on their phone. This is the place to do it. Download Ruzzle on the Google Play store and be prepared to be instantly hypnotized by the most addicting word game on the web.


Ruzzle on Twitter

Follow Ruzzle on Twitter for the latest software updates, bug fixes and news.


Ruzzle on Facebook

Check out Ruzzle on Facebook where you can have the game sent straight to your mobile device. You can also “Like” Ruzzle so that your friends will see and get in on the action.


The Official Ruzzle Site

Check out the official Ruzzle site. Visit Ruzzle if you’re having trouble getting the app to work on your mobile device, check out a useful FAQ, and see the top ranked players in the world.

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